Research Participation in the Sona System

Learning how psychologists do research is typically part of a research/science literacy component requirement for General Psychology or other Psychology courses; the best way to learn this is to participate in research studies. For this reason, students in Psychology courses are given opportunities to participate in research studies of their choosing. We use the online Sona System to sign up for these research studies – you will find the link to Sona on the right side of this page, at “Participant Pool Login”. The recommendation for Storrs General Psychology courses is 5 credits for research/science literacy component for Fall 2021. Please consult your course syllabus to find out more about this requirement for your class. Your instructor and syllabus will explain how this credit influences your course grade. Note that 1 experimental credit = 1/2 hour of participation in a research study. Thus you may complete up to 2.5 hours of research participation, that is, 5 experimental credits.

A HuskyCT course site called “General Psychology Alternate Assignment” will be available to all General Psychology students at about Week 3 of the semester. Please note, you DO NOT have to do any assignments there – it is only for students wishing for an alternative to the research studies. You may 1) complete a 30-minute video and quiz, and passing the quiz at 70% will earn 1 credit. This option is available until December 8th, 2021. 2) Or you can read a journal article and write a short paper, responding to 5 questions, for 2 credits. This paper option is available until November 19th, 2021.

Learn about psychological research by participating in research

The researcher will explain the purpose of each study to you. Following your participation, the researcher will explain how the data from the participants will be used to test hypotheses. You should feel free to ask questions of the researcher so that you understand why the researcher asked you to do particular tasks, what kind of data the researcher collected, and what the researcher hopes to learn from the data.

Your rights as a research participant

You can choose which studies you want to participate in by reading a written description of what the study involves prior to signing up for it. A wide variety of theoretical questions and research methods are used by researchers in the Department of Psychological Sciences, providing you with ample choice and variety of learning opportunities. At the beginning of a study, the researcher will inform you in detail what the study asks of you, what will be done with your data, and if there are any risks or benefits to participating. Virtually all studies here involve straightforward investigations that pose no hazard or discomfort to participate. However, a small number of studies may be bothersome or offensive to some people; this information is noted on the descriptions of the studies. Please make sure that you read and understand the description of any research study before you sign up for the study. Please note that some studies have restrictions regarding who may participate. If, after being informed about nature of studies or at any point during the study, you wish to stop participating in the study, please inform the researcher. You are not obligated to participate in a study which makes you uncomfortable or which you simply do not want to do. You may withdraw from the research study at any point. You will still receive credit for participating.


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