Potential Problems

If it doesn’t seem there are studies available

Research study slots fill up quickly. Check the calendar daily. More studies are posted as the semester progresses. A variety of methods, restrictions, dates, and times will be available – but you may have to check often.

If your researcher misses an appointment

You should be notified in advance if the researcher cannot keep an appointment. If you have arrived for a study and no researcher is present, first, please make sure you have the correct location, date, and time. Sometimes appointments can run over schedule, so please allow at least 10 minutes after the appointment time before you leave, otherwise you may run the risk of receiving a no-show. If the researcher still does not appear please complete the Absent Researcher Form. Upon confirmation of your claim, the Participant Pool Coordinator will assign credit.

If you miss two research study appointments

You will receive an email notification regarding each research study appointment you no-show you receive. You may still participate in studies so long as you have not missed more than one appointment. Once you miss two appointments, you will not be allowed to sign up for any more appointments. You may fulfill any experiment requirements in your course via the alternative methods provided in your course syllabus. You may complete a No-Show Dispute Form if you feel that you have received a no-show in error, and the Participant Pool Coordinator will contact you in within a week. All credits earned prior to the second no-show will remain.

If you feel you have been treated unethically by an researcher

Please contact Kimberli Treadwell at kimberli.treadwell@uconn.edu. Researchers are obliged to treat participants respectfully and uphold other ethical standards; any concerns you have should be expressed to protect you and other participants.

Any other problems and questions

Your lab instructor will help you understand the procedures for participating in studies, including how to register on and use the Participant Pool system. If you have any difficulties, please email us at uconnpsychologyparticipantpool@gmail.com.